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Clubmaster and tea

Tea and cigars are both made of fermented leaves that are rich in flavour and stimulating substances. Perhaps that’s why they are so amazing together!

Although many tea varieties exude delicate and elegant aromas, stronger cigars are a much better match. Take your time and enjoy the moment with all your senses!

Clubmaster Superior Sumatra

This light brown (claro-maduro) Clubmaster cigarillo first reveals a slightly sweet and leathery scent before gradually unfurling its fine and elegant tobacco flavours.

China Keemun Finest Chuen Ch’a

China is the birthplace of tea culture (tea has been grown there for 5,000 years). Although green, unfermented tea is the national drink of the Chinese, the country also produces black tea varieties. The most famous is Keemun. The fully fermented, premium product is smooth and aromatic with a fruity and mild sweetness.

The perfect pairing

Smoky, earthy notes that go well with tea to create a well-rounded experience. The cigarillo grows in stature and becomes a cigar.

Other perfect pairings

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