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Clubmaster and molecular cocktails

“Shaken or stirred?” – that’s soooo last year! It’s time for you to try molecular cocktails – served with an all-new look and a surprising experience for the palate.

What on earth are molecular cocktails? In the broadest of terms, they are cocktails that are fully or partly made according to the novel techniques of molecular gastronomy à la Ferran Adriá. Their modified structure and composition are not what we have come to expect. They have a different, almost perplexing consistency, clearer aromas and a completely new look.

Clubmaster Superior Sumatra

This light brown (claro-maduro) Clubmaster cigarillo first reveals a slightly sweet and leathery scent before gradually unfurling its fine and elegant tobacco flavours.

Vanilla Sky

A fruity, low-alcohol cocktail with notes of strawberry and a delicate touch of vanilla. Made into a gel and served in a quirky tube.

The perfect pairing

This extraordinary “cocktail to go” is just crying out for the company of a “Clubmaster Sumatra” cigarillo. These partners in flavour complement each other perfectly.

Other perfect pairings

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