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Clubmaster and spirits from your local shop

Premium is the new normal – for connoisseurs at least! After all, your local shop has everything you need to delight your nose and palate. We’re talking about fine cigars and cigarillos – and the right wines and spirits to go with them. If you’re going to the shops anyway, you might as well give it a go!

Comparing a fine cigar or cigarillo to a quick cigarette would be like comparing a leisurely weekend drive through the country with our daily commute to work. Cigars and cigarillos are something special to be enjoyed as we leave the stress of everyday life behind. When smoked in harmony with good wines and spirits, they open up a small haven of luxury in our lives – provided we indulge sensibly and in moderation.

The smoke of cigars and cigarillos is not inhaled, but passed around in the mouth, which just goes to show that it’s all about the taste. In contrast, you are more than welcome to swallow the accompanying wines and spirits – but only if you don’t have to drive!

This is what makes the cigars and cigarillos at the front of your local petrol station such a great pleasure – even for people who would never dream of smoking a cigarette! They are also a great idea for those who like to experiment. As is so often the case with indulgent combinations, it’s all about trying new things. Not every cigar will harmonise with every wine or brandy – it’s a matter of taste identity and character. We’ve already done a little tasting (and enjoying!) for you and found two highlights sold at petrol stations – for a short, fun break.

Clubmaster Superior Sumatra with Hohenstaufer Portugieser Rosé or Jägermeister

These Clubmaster cigarillos are bound in a light wrapper and pack a surprisingly powerful punch for their size. The pleasant and slightly leathery notes harmonise to create a truly “grown-up” cigar! They go well with sweet wine such as the mellow Hohenstaufer Portugieser Rosé from the Palatinate, which doesn’t taste too sweet thanks to its vibrant acidity. It’s an excellent, fruity wine that will go down a treat in your summer garden (nice and cool!). The cigarillos enter into a refreshingly harmonious and playful marriage with the wine.

Hot tip: Try it with the original Jägermeister! Sweet, spicy and herbal notes orchestrate an entertaining interplay for the tongue.

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