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Clubmaster and chocolate

Just like tobacco leaves, cocoa beans also undergo a fermentation process. Perhaps that’s why chocolate and cigars are such a good combination. Take your time and enjoy the moment with all your senses!

Clubmaster Mini Red

A small cigarillo with a big heart. It has a relatively strong flavour and a fine fragrance with notes of leather and vanilla.

Hachez Cocoa de Maracaibo 55.5% Bar

The creamy and juicy chocolate treats the palate to a slight bitterness and gentle sweetness. Cocoa de Maracaibo is a whole milk chocolate that melts in the mouth with a sweet length or, as we would describe a fine wine, a long finish.

The perfect pairing

This beautiful composition will melt the heart of any connoisseur. We promise. The soul of fine cigars meets the soul of fine chocolate.

Other perfect pairings

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