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Clubmaster 1817

1817–2017. That’s 200 years of company history built upon our undying love
and passion for premium tobacco.

The anniversary cigarillo that exceeds all expectations

Clubmaster 1817 is not just any old cigarillo – it’s THE cigarillo to mark our anniversary. It’s a cigarillo that brings together 200 years of expertise, love and passion. Exclusive tobacco in an exclusive anniversary blend. Exclusive branding and production from the finest cigar makers in the Dominican Republic.

An anniversary cigarillo that exceeds all expectations.
200 years of love and passion are brought together in this unique cigarillo.

Wrapper: Ecuador Shade; Binder: Bezuki
Filler: Dom. Rep. / Brazil (Mata Fina & Mata Norte)
Length: 100 mm; Diameter: 9.0 mm
Available in packs of 20.

Clubmaster Mini

A small cigarillo with a big heart.
Discover the handy Clubmaster Minis.


Clubmaster Superior

Superior size – superior taste.
Enjoy our Clubmaster products with or without a filter.


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